The Blessings of Sick Days

Give us this day our daily bread… (Matthew 6:11, KJV)

As I was taking my walk this afternoon, letting the brisk air filter in, imagining it filling my lungs with health, I thought of the story of the Israelites receiving manna from above, daily food, and how it was something they could not keep, but rather sustenance they had to enjoy each day, trusting that tomorrow it would return.

Some times are like this, times in which we must focus on the little things, the manna we are given, our physical health, walking step by step with Him.

Getting a cold or other irksome illness brings us close to ourselves, forcing us to pay attention to our physical bodies in a way that we don’t often do. In order to get well, we must eat good food, rest our bodies and minds, get fresh air. We live almost moment by moment.

I suppose I am lucky I can work from home and take naps and walks when I please, but I must say, with asthma, minor illnesses hit hard. A cold makes it difficult to breathe and tends to linger. My energy level is zapped, and I must focus on the essentials, knowing that once health is restored, I will have to hit things harder on the work and home front.

But I am learning to pause, to use these times of illness to restore balance, to take care of my body, to remember that life is more than just deadlines and bills, to remember that there is blessing to self care—to taking one’s vitamins; to eating fresh fruits and vegetables; to the calming ritual of making a pot of tea and letting the steam open the passageways; to taking a gentle walk without the phone, feeling the brisk wind filling up the lungs, listening to the rustle of the trees and the birds flying ahead. There is blessing in taking a nap, in reading an article from a magazine you just couldn’t find the time to read, and in finding poetic passages that enrich your mind and remind you that life is about more, that life is full of beauty and poetry and that even sadness has value.

You find yourself thanking God for his provision, and you let your restless mind wander for a bit (something you are not prone to do in the normal busyness of life), and you find yourself thinking more deeply, thinking about the blessings of manna, thinking about how not everything is permanent. And how this is okay.

He will provide.

Each day.

Each moment.

There is blessing in the manna days.


6 thoughts on “The Blessings of Sick Days

  1. These are my manna days, too. Searching, yearning, hungry. Day by day, munching on manna, trying to learn the lessons being taught during this solitude, along the lonely desert shores. Thank you for helping me by sharing your experience. I needed the reminder today, that I still have feet to walk with, and many other blessings, and that it takes time for the heart to learn how to “be still and know.”

  2. I like the title of this blog because it makes you realize how thankful you should be for sick days. I stead of worrying about what needs to be done you can be thankful for what you have in life. I know that on sick days you don’t feel like doing anything, but it gives you time to learn something new or give you ideas about something that you would like to do on your off days. You have to enjoy the little things. I like the fact that you state you get away from technology and just enjoy nature for what it really is. I can tell you’re a well natured person and enjoy every moment of life. I’d like to start enjoying some of those things without any regrets. Actually see all the blessings we receive really open up your eyes and makes you want enjoy life more as every day passes. Great blog, very inspirational.

    • Thanks so much for reading the blog, Alex, and for your thoughtful words! Learning to appreciate the simple things in today’s super-busy, super-connected world is a practice, but it’s always worth it. When we unplug our phones or simply put them in our pocket and smell the fresh air, take a walk, let our brains wander, it’s always so refreshing. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  3. What stands out to me about this blog is,it made me think about the blessings we should be thankful for,not just wait for the moment of sickness.Your blog kept my attention the moment you mentioned different things we should do to keep our minds off of the busy life we have today.From what I read on the blog is,I believe you are a spiritual person and have a way of seeing life not as a lesson or challenge but as a gift.I’m sure to recommend this blog to my mother ,this will help her change her way of living.

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