We All Have Secret Longings

Do you ever reflect back on all you’ve experienced and how you made it through? All those heartaches, all those twists and turns. You survived them. You learned that good things still happen after them. You realize that you have material worthy of songs and books. Your pain has made you into the beautiful, rich, and interesting human being you are today. Those secret longings, those memories, those places our minds go to when we’re driving with the windows down listening to a favorite song or when it’s late at night and we’re drinking a glass of wine and thinking about that person, that moment, that secret pain, that secret longing—these moments are what make us human, are what make good poetry, good film, good songs. Your life is beautiful. Each experience, joyful and painful, can be woven into the quilt that is your beautiful life… I wouldn’t trade these secrets of the heart for anything. They’re the fuel that keeps my heart burning and alive.


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