What’s Your Word for the Year?

If you could choose one word to focus on this year, what would it be?

What word speaks to you?

This morning as I did my daily devotion, I prayed for my word. The last few days, it seems God has been bombarding me with articles about the Sabbath. Still, the word “Sabbath” didn’t feel completely right. But, as I sat praying and thinking, the word “rest” came to mind.

Now that one felt right.

It’s not that I don’t still need to work hard or that I should ease up on finding clients and building my business, but the word “rest” spoke to my spirit. It spoke to my desire to live a more reflective, peaceful life with time for loved ones, reflection, and reading. It spoke to my desire to not always be “busy” for the sake of being “busy” (busy will NOT be my word this year). It spoke to my desire to slow down in my spirit and truly enjoy life, to truly savor life and each precious moment, to trust that if I do my best, my heavenly father will take care of me, that He will provide for me.

That I can rest in the arms of my God. He’s got me.

He’s got me.

I want to walk in peace, in “rest,” no matter what. No panic. No fear. But trust. Rest. A peaceful spirit that does not worry or fret.

So I think my word of the year is “rest.”

What will yours be?

Further Reflection: Matthew 6:25–34





2 thoughts on “What’s Your Word for the Year?

  1. Girls are so lucky. Grown men have little boys inside craving attention, wanting to hear those magical words, ‘I am proud of you.’ We fear to step into the fray and when repelled we fear to cry. Usually there’s no shoulder waiting for the tears and even if there were, we hold back fearing the child’s vulnerability. Yes, ‘rest’ is a very good word. May God grant you His peace and give you His rest. Thanks for sharing your caring, Gary Hartley

  2. Thanks for reading, Gary. We all need someone in our corner who can encourage us when we need a little push to continue or when we need a good cry. We are His hands and feet, but, luckily, we know He is always there for us even when people fail us…His love is steadfast, and He knows every hair on our head… I pray you find security in His presence and folks in your life who allow you to be vulnerable when you need to be. Prayers, my brother! P.S. I can’t wait to read more of your writing!

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